Shimmy Shake Audities Zutphen

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12:00 - 16:00


Shimmy Shake Talent Search 2020


February 23rd

Sheila’s dansstudio

Groenesteeg 1, Zuthpen

Deadline Zutphen February 16th

Join the Shimmy Shake Talent Search, show us your skills and have fun!

Every year Shimmy Shake organizes a nation-wide Talent Search to discover new Fusion Bellydance talent, to help dancers improve their level and to see where the local dancers and teachers stand with their skills. The Talent Search is also a day to simply join in and dance even if you don’t want coaching or feedback, it is all up to you.

You just sign up, present your work and receive feedback (if you want it) from our panel of experts. After the four Talent Search days, 12 dance acts will be chosen for individual coaching and to perform their improved work at the Talent Carnival in June.

There are five categories you can join. You can choose the category that best fits your experience level and belly dance skills:


Dancers of all levels are invited to dance at these cozy dance gatherings for a small public of family and friends. Everyone is welcome to dance! To join Talent Search there must be a minimum of 30% Bellydance in your Fusion choreography. Whether you are a beginner or a professional dancer, our expert panel will give you, if you want, encouraging feedback about your dance.


This is your chance to learn Tribal! We invite dancers of all styles who want to learn how to mix this style into their own dance vocabulary to participate in the Talent Search. Interested dancers can try out for a coaching place by dancing their own style. After seeing your dance act (any style) the expert panel will choose 2 dance acts for coaching to develop their dance act into a Fusion Bellydance act.


In 2019 Shimmy Shake will book our dancers for different kinds of performances. We joined an international co-production that will go on tour and be part of the Shimmy Shake festival in Rotterdam. The Talent Search in each city in the Netherlands will function as the audition for dancers who have the ambition to perform more often in a professional setting and in other countries. Dancers need a high level to apply.


This edition of the Shimmy Shake Talent Search, we encourage dance schools to sign up! Make a fantastic group performance with your students, or ask you dance teacher to make an energetic choregraphy for you (and your fellow students). Just as individual dancers, groups will receive encouraging feedback and are eligable for coaching. So gather your students and participate!


Never been on a stage? Do you want to show your skills, but do you think you are not ready to perform on a stage yet? This year it is also posible to join the Talent Search for fun. Just show us what you learned and perform on your own pace. You will not receive feedback (unless you do want it, just tell the panel) but you do receive an applause! The Talent Search is an safe envoirement to experiement.